Our Approach

Identifying the Opportunity

Pulsar Capital has a thematic focus on mid-market companies looking for the next growth curve or succession plans in industries and regions undergoing fundamental transitions with emphasis on business characteristics that generate superior returns we focus on controlling equity investments while backing young, dynamic entrepreneurs.

Fundraising & Acquisition

Capital is raised through Pulsar Capital’s global network of investors to fund the acquisition. These investors also serve as advisors and mentors to enhance portfolio companies’ growth and profitability.

Operational Leverage

On completion of an acquisition, Pulsar Capital assumes top management positions and enhances the value of the acquired company through revenue growth, operational efficiency, and harnessing its expansion potential to grow organically or through bolt-on acquisitions.


A private equity can exit its investment in a number of ways – take the company public through an initial public offering, strategic sale to an industry player, or secondary sale to other private equity funds.